Topical issues

    8 / March / 2016


    The development of new functional foods and beverages, to reduce risk or improve conditions such as diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, digestive disorders or degenerative diseases, is a trend that, globally, the market will reach 2.3 billion in 2020. Although North America dominated the market in 2014, in the last two years have registered higher sales in emerging markets, with an increase of 20% in Africa / Middle East, 16% in Latin America and 15% in Asia Pacific.

    In fact, although in the next four years the market for functional foods globally will be dominated by the US, the highest growth will be in Asia-Pacific and South America, especially among the middle class. It is estimated that in North America will have a compound annual growth rate of 7% until 2020, with the largest market share for the US in 2014 was 58% but, however, is Mexico which have greater growth in the next four years, attributable to increased awareness of functional foods and parity in purchasing power.
    With regard to Europe, although the market is very slowed down due to the high price of the final product, the industry has to impute the high costs of strict legislation and dilated times in approving the claims by EFSA, is expected to compound annual growth rate is 7.2% until 2020. Although Germany is the main market, with a share of 23%, followed by France and the UK, the highest growth is expected in Russia .

    In the coming months, the Aragonese Cluster Food submit a proposal to the European Commission for a project in collaboration with leading agri-food clusters in Europe, with the aim of developing new functional foods and beverages, by crossectorial collaboration of SMEs these clusters.

    Since the annual compound growth market for functional foods is estimated at 6% for the next few years, the food industry of Aragon has to intensify their R + D + i to be part of this robust trend and win global competitiveness.