Dissemination sessions

    Aragon Food Cluster


    This meeting is about general innovative financial instruments, provide new public instruments and fill financing gaps for strategic investments to innovation projects for food companies.
    The main terms, procedures and conditions for the use of financial instruments will be exposed.


    Lean tools and techniques are helping companies across the globe to address competitiveness issues within their businesses, building the capability of their people to identify issues and improve their operations. LEMAN will expose the latest advances for food business.


    Ignacio Solís works with and brings together public research and extension organizations, private companies, advanced research institutes, NGOs, and farmer associations in countries worldwide, working pragmatically to develop: (1 High-yielding, stress tolerant maize and wheat varieties; Large, unique collections of maize and wheat genetic resources; Productivity-enhancing, resource-conserving farming practices; Training and information relating to the above.


    Why and how to participate in the European Research and Innovation Framework Programme Horizon 2020? A common EU strategy called “Horizon 2020” worth 80 billion € (80.000 M€) will boost Europe’s global competitiveness and help create the jobs and ideas of tomorrow. It will gather all projects in this area to eliminate fragmentation and make sure EU -funded projects better complement and help coordinate national efforts.
    Future research and innovation funding be based on three main areas that are firmly anchored in the Europe 2020 strategy:
    – excellence in the science base.
    – tackling societal challenges.
    – creating industrial leadership and boosting competitiveness.


    At Innovation Marketing is to provide leading brands with a cost effective form of direct marketing. Pedro Arenas (Ingenyus CEO) aim to increase sales, generate new business on their behalf and to increase their brand awareness across the areas in which his team work.


    The functional food industry is in a unique position to capitalize on consumers’ interest
    Functional food” in use today conveys health benefits that extend far beyond mere survival.
    Food and nutrition science has moved from identifying and correcting nutritional deficiencies to designing foods that promote optimal health and reduce the risk of disease.


    Consumer research reveals that consumers look for food products with clean label claims such as no preservatives. More and more brands strive to differentiate themselves by keeping the product’s ingredient list short and containing recognizable ingredients as much as possible.


    Innovation is invention plus commercialization. It’s very important to understand that creating new ideas and new technologies is important, but we also need commercialization. The work’s not finished until the technology has been put into practice, until the concept has been proven, and until innovation has been taken from the laboratory to the market and ultimately achieves total market dominance.