Dissemination session


    New varieties of wheat for innovation in flour/semolina industry.

    Ignacio Solís works with and brings together public research and extension organizations, private companies, advanced research institutes, NGOs, and farmer associations in countries worldwide, working pragmatically to develop: (1 High-yielding, stress tolerant maize and wheat varieties; Large, unique collections of maize and wheat genetic resources; Productivity-enhancing, resource-conserving farming practices; Training and information relating to the above.

    On March 13 we will have Ignacio Solis, who has extensive experience in the area of ​​improved seeds.
    “Innovation by obtaining new varieties of wheat suitable for flour and semolina industry.”
    Agrovegetal: a cooperative model of success for improving seeds.
    Ignacio Solis share with us the latest advances made in the area of ​​improvement of cereals and legumes. We will discuss collaboration between Agrovegetal and the International Center for the Improvement of Maize and Wheat (CIMMYT), which allows them to have advanced plant material, seventh or eighth generation and therefore close to its record in the Spanish Office Plant Variety.

    This experience is perfectly translatable to Aragon, which would allow us to have varieties adapted to the needs and conditions of our territory and lead the economic benefit derived from their marketing.

    We also explain how to get new wheat varieties that meet demands of the flour industry, semolina and pasta products, controlling quality parameters, as well as obtaining resistant to pests or adapted to the terrain or the weather varieties.

    We also discuss the project are underway and whose objective is the identification and development of lines of durum wheat and flour with lower gluten content, suitable for celiac customers.

    Join the debate on how we can apply these ideas to industry and Aragonese cooperatives.

    Who is Ignacio Solis?

    Ignacio Solís Martel, Agronomist and PhD in Biotechnology Engineer, is the Technical Director of the company Agrovegetal S.A. He has extensive experience in seed improvement, having participated in various European projects on exploitation of natural biodiversity of the plant for the production of food free of pesticides, exploitation of genetic variability for resistance to pests, among other áras.

    What is Agrovegetal?

    The company Agrovegetal is a leading company in seed improvement working for 15 years in the selection of new varieties of cereals (durum wheat, bread wheat, triticale, etc) and legumes adapted to the growing conditions of Andalusia with a combination optimal productivity, quality and resistance to drought and disease. During this time, there have been more than ten new varieties that account for about 15% of the wheat area in southern Spain.

    Agrovegetal is an example of cooperative participation, since this company the Andalusian Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives (FAECA) belongs, as well as five cooperatives seed multipliers and two private companies.

    The plant material obtained by Agrovegetal is marketed by it, leading to economic benefits that impact directly on their partners, funding new research and development projects.