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    Candied fruit technology applied to edible flowers

    Candied fruit technology applied to different edible species of flowers for new product development ready to be introduced to market.

    Fruit confit technology applied to edible flowers

    Cooperation Project description:
    Today, the assortment of edible flowers involves several tens of inflorescences which differ in shape, color and taste, and these are used worldwide to improve appearance, color and nutritive value of meals. An increasing demandingness of consumers, which focuses on both visual aspects and the aesthetic value of meals results in a general intensification of culinary efforts. Flowers are served as a garnish and/or trimmings of various meals and cold buffet food, and petals are used to decorate salads, sweet meals, fruit and ice-cream sundae, drinks etc. In addition to the aesthetic appearance they also correspond to a specific taste and smell of served food.

    The main objective of the project was to acquire the knowledge of those edible flowers susceptible to be candied. The application process has adapted on each floral species, in order to offer consumers unique extraordinary sensory experiences.

    Delicate floral matrices as mini pink and mint flower were properly collected, transported and processed to industrial pilot scale. It was observed that conditions used for candied fruit technology were reproducible to floral species. Parameters conditions such as time, temperature, syrups concentration etc. were adapted to each species and methodology was adapted to different species. It was also assessed the effect of this process on conservation parameters.

    Co-funded project