Innovation Projects


    Fruit filler for pastry products and processes for its preparation and global markets

    Bioactive peptides introduced into different food products from Aragon food industry. Peptides were obtained by a previous project. Ultimate goal: new functional products ready for commercial launch.

    Wine derived by-products: a source of bioactive ingredients for food industry.

    Cooperation Project description::
    Wine by-products industry can be an alternative source of dietary fiber, natural antioxidants or bioactive peptides. Seven different types of wine by-products were characterized, they were selected those with higher content of dietary fiber, polyphenols and protein for subsequent search of biological activities.

    The main results: (1) A rich antioxidant activity extract; (2) An extract of insoluble/soluble dietary fiber (80:20); (3) A protein extract with antihypertensive activity.

    Co-funded project