Strategies for innovation,
    development of R&D and internationalization.

    About us

    The food industry is the second sector of Aragon and represents 8% of GDP (Gross Domestic Product), with an aggregate turnover of 3.500 billion euros and 12.000 jobs.

    Aragon Food Cluster was born as an enterprise initiative therefore all actions are directed to a specific business sector: FOOD. In this sector, companies have similar challenges and innovative lines so new product development is the complete process of bringing a new and added value product to market.

    Aragon Food Cluster consists of 45 members, among which includes companies and knowledge institutions.

    A total of 36 food processing industries associated add a turnover of 1,500 million euros and represent 3% of GDP, representing 40% of the turnover of the sector in Aragon.

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    Within 4 years this Cluster has made Aragon Food Industry prominent at an international level through innovative actions. Our organization has been recognized as an Innovative Business Association (AEI) by Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism. Our ultimate goal is developed in line with the needs, interests, and input of its members to facilitate innovation through branding and cooperation in the whole food value chain, supporting the visibility, and growth of members.

    We find new solutions by R&D to provide value to the industry and tackle the global food challenge.

    Aragon Food Cluster team

    Our Team works to improve innovative projects. Our team has components to ensure the success of the project. Each member of the team brings a talent and skill to the table, the ability to translate scientific and technical concepts in sales arguments which contributes to the overall success of the group.

    Direct relation

    Aragon Food Cluster is continually developing new forms of collaboration. We run themed programs to centralize the many types of support available. We also help Aragon businesses get their international innovation projects off the ground.


    Continuous monitoring of market trends and new scientific advances, adapted to the idiosyncrasies for companies, which allows to propose R & D + i for specific needs.

    Strategic alliances gaining importance

    Resource exchange and the value of the resource accessed in an alliance are of central concern. Aragon Food Cluster articulates this perspective view alliances and networks as alternative mechanisms to markets or hierarchies for addressing specific strategic needs. In this tradition, alliances are undertaken to secure scarce and valuable resources critical for a firm’s survival and prosperity.

    Network facilitation

    Aragon Food Cluster facilitates networking opportunities across the food sector. Through our events and activities, we want to help entrepreneurs, multinational corporations, research institutes, and investors start the dialogue that can lead to mutually beneficial collaboration to new product developtened and the performance and Time-to-Market.