About us

We promote innovation, sustainable development and internationalization of the food industry in Aragon

Aragon Food Cluster is a private entity, created in 2011 at the initiative of the aragones food companies.

At this moment, it’s integrated by 65 active members, including food companies, agritech-foodtech companies, technology centers and universities

It has the recognition of Innovative Business Group, from the Ministry of Industry

3.500M €
Agregated turnover
Turnover food sector Aragon
Our ultimate goal is to turn the food industry of Aragon into a world leader in different market niches. All the actions carried out are aimed at directly impacting the competitiveness and income statement of our companies.

Human team

Human team made up of professionals with extensive experience in the development of Clusters, in innovative sectors, and with a basic scientific training, which gives it the ability to translate, effectively, a technical/scientific added value into a sales argument understandable and valued by the market.

Direct relationship

Direct and continuous relationship with the associated companies, which allows us to offer them – according to their profile and line of business – areas of innovation in which to invest efforts, possible synergies between them and alliances with other companies at a regional, national and international level.


Continuous monitoring of market trends and new scientific-technological advances, adapted to the idiosyncrasies of the associated companies, which allows them to propose specific R + D + i projects, which respond to their needs.


Possibility of undertaking large-scale projects through alliances with leading or larger companies or located in different stages of the value chain, which facilitates access to information.

Network of contacts

Network of contacts with other companies at national and international level, which facilitates alliances for the development of new products and their faster introduction into the market.

Main lines of innovaton

  • Healthier nutrition
  • Precision nutrition
  • Food Systems 4.0
  • Sustainability and circular economy

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